Rules for the Brännbollsyran Cup 2018

Playtime & field

2 × 12 minutes rolling time. As long as there is time left, the in-team shall continue the game. In unforeseen events the referee has the right to stop the time. The field’s size is 28 x 20m.


Team & players

* There can be a maximum of 12 players in one team. 8 players at a time are on the field, while the rest are substitutes. Out of the 8 active players, there can be maximum 6 people of the same sex. 12 players can play in one team in one tournament. All 12 players do not have to play every game.
* Swaps may be done in agreement with the referee. During the game, a player cannot be replaced while out on the field.
* You may only participate in one team during the same tournament.

* At the beginning of a new round and after a burn, up to 2 people can go straight to the 1st cone without striking.
* Gloves are forbidden out on the field. Grip promotional gloves are approved for the in-team.

Points for the in-team

* 1 point for every incoming player
* 6 points for a home run by the striker.
* 1 point for getting burned (burned player to 1st cone).
* 1 point for lyra (following approved strikes only). A lyra is when you firmly catch the ball in the air before it hits the ground.
* 5 points for (utebränning av innelaget + poäng för eventuellt brända spelare.

Vid utebränning skall alla spelare återvända till slagplatsen.)

Number of strike attempts

* Maximum 2 attempts. Only 1 if the first strike is approved. Another strike shall be made if the first one is disapproved.

Disapproved strikes
* If you fail to hit the ball.
* If the ball takes ground before the (kortslagslinje).

* If the ball takes ground or is caught outside the striking area.

* If neither of the person’s feet are on or above the impact pad (slagmattan?) when the ball is hit.

* If the hand is not inside the textile loop of the bat at the moment of the strike.

* If the ball never leaves the hand of the (slagman) at the moment of striking. The ball must not be shoved.

* If the ball is not in the air when it’s hit.
* If you do not have your pinky-finger closest to the thin side of the bat when hitting the ball.
* If the bat breaks or leaves the grip in a dangerous way.

Important: the bat must be released before the (slagman) have passed by the first cone.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour
Unsportsmanlike behavior is following:

Against opponent: Screaming against an opponent about to hit the ball, mocking opponents or acting physically against an opponent.
Against referee: Complaining against referee with swearwords, sexual allures, or in prohibit language. Also to not stop discussing a call or acting physically against a referee.
Against the material: If a player breaks cones, balls, signs, flags or other parts of the equipment for the tournament it is unsportsmanlike behavior.

All unsportsmanlike behavior gives the following punishment: Warning, -1, -3, -5 points for the team in a scale increasing with repeating behavior.  If a player does any of these things but in a harsh manner he/she is disqualified from the match and the tournament.  If one individual person is disqualified the teams gets -3 points and the player can not play any more in the tournament.


Linking is punnished in following way: Warning, -1, -3, -5 points for the team in a scale increasing with repeating behavior
What is linking:

Not throwing the ball in a speedy manner as outfield-team.
Not dellivering the ball to the hitter as a burner when the hitter is ready
Not sending a hitter to hit the ball when the burner is ready whit the ball or changing the hitter more than normally amount of times as the infield-team.
Using more time then normally as a hitter repeating

Public Involvement

In case of an incident, the referee has the right to stop the time and let the in-team strike again. If the (slagman) gets injured due to the incident (not self-inflicted injury), another team member can complete the strike in his/her place.

Contact with the referee

Only one player at a time speaks with the referee.

Burned player
A player is burned if they head start or take unauthorised shortcuts.

*  (ej passerat konens centrumlinje med främre delen av bröstet (precis som att spränga målsnöret i löpning)
A burned player must proceed to first cone. (Slagman) may, but do not have to, wait for the player to get back in the game. (Slagman) must strike on the referee’s call. If the striker does not strike on the referee’s call, it is considered as linking.

The burner
* The burner must stand on the burner plate when the ball is hit. When the ball is in play, the burner can move freely. When burning, the burner must have a body part on the burner plate and have full control over the ball.

* The burner should have full control when receiving the ball with his hand(s) and shout “burned”.
* The burner should promptly deliver the ball to the (slagman) in the in-team without delay.

Field players

The field players in the out-team must not stand closer to the striking area than the designated line (10 meters) when the striking takes place.

Bats are provided by (tävlingsledningen). There are no limitations regarding how many bats one team can use, however they all have to be controlled and approved by Brännbollsyran. The referee ensures that only bats approved by Brännbollsyran are used.

The ball is provided by the organizer. The ball should be tennis ball. Only one ball may be in use at a time.

In the event of a tie, the team finishing out on the field wins the game. This applies to both group games and playoffs. Thus a game cannot end in a tie.


Shall be submitted to the referee immediately after the game. A representative from all teams involved follows the referee to the secretariat immediately after the completed round or final game. The organizer/(tävlingsledare) makes a decision about the consequence.

Additions to the rules and guidelines 2018

About the referee’s authority
* The referee has the right to stop the time when they consider it to be necessary.

* Unsportsmanlike behaviour may be but is not exclusively:

… actions that puts others in danger (such as throwing the bat)

… destruction of the field (for example kicking away cones or pulling up flags)

… unpleasant shouting directed towards an individual or a group

* It is the referee’s task to judge if players are guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour. Violations shall be punished with -1 points. If the event is deemed to be coarse or happens repeatedly, more penalty points should be given. About end signal

If time remains after an invalid strike or when the burner is in control of the ball, the game will continue and the next player will do his/her strike.

Example: If the burner catches the ball at 11.59, the next stroke shall take place even if the time exceeds 12 minutes when the strike takes place)

About the field
The striking plate is placed 5m behind a straight line between the cones. The (kortslagslinje) is placed 3m beyond this line. The burner plate is placed 3 m from the cone 4 of the track and 3 m straight down from the cone line. (Snedslagsflaggorna) are placed 4m outwards in the line between cones 2 and 3 and the (snedslagslinje) starts from the strike plate. To define the playing field further, more (snedslagsflaggor) can be placed. Any painted (sned- och kortslagslinjer) are counted as part of the playing field. Flags are considered as being outside the playing field. None of the track marks may be moved during the game.

Audience should be where they do not affect the game. Physics laws decide how long the strike can be. Recommendation: When marking a playing field, the game plan length is recommended to be 90 meters from the burner plate.

About lyra
The rules are that you can not catch a lyra with any helping tools, like clothes or other equipment. The ball may be thrown between players before it is caught as long as it does not touch the ground.

About injuries
If a player is injured when the player’s team is the in-team and cannot continue the game, a substitute player shall continue the game starting from the first cone.

About the burner’s control of the ball
Control for the burner also means that this can have the ground as a contact surface with hands / hand and ball.

About the bats

Only bats with textile loops attached with a screw are approved for the tournament. A bat is not allowed to be affected from its original condition. However, the following measures are allowed for self-owned bats for grip improvement.

These improvements may be made from the point of attachment of the textile loop to half of the bat’s length:

– Rub or remove the paint

– Attach tape/grip tape

game, the referee will check that all bats to be used during the game do not pose a risk. The referee checks the following things:

  • That the bat is approved by Brännbollsyran
  • The textile loop is in good condition and fastened with a screw
  • The bat has no cracks
  • That the impact on the bat does not cause an obvious risk

About the ball
Example: If the ball only has a small crack, it will be used normally and then be replaced in the next round.

The rules have been developed by “Brännbollsyra Rules-group” on April 5th and approved by Brännboll in Umeå AB for games in Brännbollsyran 2018.